Sea of Pain

A speck in the galaxy,
yet we carry a sea of pain…


paper planes



The games that I need to win inside my brain,
the same that would kill me if I try…


What do you do when you feel like you want to sort things out inside your head because you know you will have to face the reality sooner or later, but going down to that specific topic has the potential to completely ruin your life forever?
I feel so stuck around the same idea. I feel like life is sinking down once again and I’m barely breathing. It’s so hurting to see a change, to see someone is drifting apart, the future looks too fuzzy. Oftentimes, we are trapped in these voids of life where we don’t find many doors to escape. It’s like, you want to say all of it to the world, but you are not brave enough to say anything; the constant urge to untangle the thoughts when it is impossible.

paper planes